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Send 'em to us - sell 'em, trade 'em, or consign 'em (restrictions apply, so call or send for info). Any way you look at it, we can't seem to get enough good used instruments.

Free Opinion of Value

Find out the value of your instrument, and what it could be worth to us, by filling out our preliminary used instrument evaluation form to provide us with a good description of the instrument - including general condition, any repairs or problems, type of case, and any other pertinent information.

Call and talk with Mel Toburen, Ben Corr, Frog, Tony Marsala, or Stan Werbin at 888-473-5810 ext. 102 during store hours (Mon-Wed 11-7pm, Th 11-9pm, Fri-Sat 10-6pm Eastern USA time zone) for honest reliable estimates.

If you are shipping instruments to Elderly Instruments for sale, trade or repair work, - there will be customs duties / fees incurred. You may pay them up front by filling out your customs paperwork "Free Domicile" or "DDP" (Delivery Duty Paid), providing proper country of origin for each instrument plus Affidavit of Manufacture for all instruments marked " Made In USA". We cam provide you with the affidavits of manufacture form. You may also choose to simply ship the instrument to us and we will bill you post transaction for any customs duties fees incurred.

We hope to hear from you!

Sell or Trade Us Your Instruments!

We buy and trade for most stringed instruments. Contact us about one instrument or whole collections. Here is a short listing of some of the brands we are particularly interested in:
Acoustic Guitars:
Beard, Beltona, Collings, D'Angelico, Dobro, Epiphone, Gibson, Grit Laskin, Guild, Holoubek, James Olson, Larson Bros., Maurer, Martin, National, Paramount, Prairie State, Scheerhorn, Schoenberg, Selmer, Stahl, Stromberg, Weissenborn

Electric Guitars:
Baldwin, Bigsby, Burns, Danelectro, Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Guild, Mosrite, National, PRS, Rickenbacker, Vox

Steel guitars:
Bigsby, Bronson, Dickerson, Dobro, Epiphone, Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, K&F, Magnatone, National, Oahu, Recording King, Rickenbacker, Supro, Valco, Vega

Electric Bass Guitars:
Fender, Gibson, Hofner, Lakland, Music Man, Rickenbacker, Warwick

Ashborn, B&D, Bacon, Boucher, Buckbee, Cedar Mountain, Chanterelle, Cole, Deering, Dobson, Enoch, Epiphone, Essex, Fairbanks, Flesher, Fretless, Gibson, Gold Star, Great Lakes, GTR, Imperial, Lane, Liberty, Ludwig, Ode, OME, Orpheum, Paramount, Reiter, Richelieu, S.S. Stewart, Stelling, Stromberg, Trujo, Unger, Vega, Washburn, Weymann

Andersen, Apitius, Calace, Dobro, Dudenbostel, Duff, Epiphone, Fender, Flatiron, Gibson, Gilchrist, Givens, Larson, Lyon & Healy, Martin, Monteleone, National, Nugget, Paganoni, Phoenix, Ratliff, Roberts, Sobell, Stahl, Stiver, Vega, Washburn, Weber, Weymann

Aloha, Diaz, Dobro, Gibson, Kamaka, Kumalae, Maccaferri, Martin, National, Nunes, Regal, Santos, Vega, Washburn, Weymann

Banjo Ukuleles:
B&D, Dixie, Epiphone, Gibson, Ludwig, Vega

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