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Martin Guitars (Vintage & Used Instruments)

MARTIN 00-18 (1962)
VGC+, double bound 00 body, newer spruce top, fan bracing, mahogany back, sides and (14 fret) neck, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, dot inlays, 20 frets, (original) Brazilian rosewood bridge, ..more...
sku: 10U-6655 $1,450.00

MARTIN 1-21 (c.1895)
VGC+ except needs work (clean, glue and cleat 3 side cracks, glue 6 back cracks, replue loose binding, reglue bridge, reset neck, dress frets, repair or replace bridge pins, setup, etc. - sold ..more...
sku: 10U-6754 $2,200.00

MARTIN D-18 (1973)
VGC except needs work (dress frets, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), double bound D body, spruce top, mahogany back, sides and (14 fret) neck (back has been refinished and sides have been lightly ..more...
sku: 10U-6675 $1,285.00

MARTIN D-18 (1974)
VG-EC except needs work (repair pickguard crack, replace pickguard, reset neck, make new bridge saddle, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), double bound D body, spruce top, mahogany back sides and (14 ..more...
sku: 10U-6740 $1,585.00

EC-, D body, HPL top has graphic by artist Robert F. Goetzl showing C.F. Martin Sr., the Martin factory and early Martin guitars, the back and sides are Indian rosewood pattern HPL, modified ..more...
sku: 10U-6644 $450.00

Flat-top Guitars (Vintage & Used Instruments)

EC except need minor work (replace saddle, dress frets, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), Atlas Series, acoustic-electric, soft cutaway, grand concert size, gloss natural finish, solid spruce top, ..more...
sku: 20U-14576 $650.00

CORT MR-710F (c.2000)
EC except needs work (polish frets, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), 15-3/4" lower bout, acoustic-electric, natural satin finish, rounded cutaway, D-size, solid spruce top, maple back and sides, ..more...
sku: 20U-15207 $225.00

EC- except needs work (clean, polish frets, new battery, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), thin body acoustic-electric, gloss black finish, rounded cutaway, maple top without a soundhole, mahogany ..more...
sku: 20U-14461 $350.00

FENDER® DG25 SNS (c.2001)
EC- except needs some work (dress frets, clean, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), satin natural finish, 15-3/4" lower bout, acoustic-electric, laminated mahogany body, spruce top, mahogany neck, ..more...
sku: 20U-15364 $285.00

FENDER® DG-8S (recent)
EC except needs work (heat press neck and dress frets as needed, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), D-size, 15-5/8" lower bout, natural gloss finish, solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, 14-fret ..more...
sku: 20U-15299 $100.00

EC, acoustic-electric, stratocaster® shaped hollow body, black finish on bound spruce top, oval soundhole, X-braced, fiberglass body, bolt-on maple neck, rosewood fretboard, dot markers, 21 ..more...
sku: 20U-15139 $195.00

EC except needs work (dress frets, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), Tim Armstrong (Of the punk band Rancid) Hellcat, concert sized body, white top and back body binding, solid mahogany top, mahogany ..more...
sku: 20U-15392 $250.00

FRAMUS MODEL 50 (1960's)
VG-EC, sunburst finsh, 12" body, spruce top, maple back and sides, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, zero fret, dot markers, 18 frets, trapeze tailpiece, wood bridge, 1 ply white pickguard, ..more...
sku: 20U-15271 $145.00

EC-, natural finish, double bound square shoulder D body, natural finish on spruce top, cherry finish on maple back, sides and (3 piece) neck, bound ebony fretboard, split parallelogram inlays, ..more...
sku: 20U-15375 $1,400.00

GIBSON J-50 ADJ (1965/66)
VGC+ except needs much work (reglue bridge, reset neck and glue neck crack behind nut, dress frets, replace missing tuner bushing, heat set neck to remove back-bow, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), ..more...
sku: 20U-15334 $1,650.00

GIBSON LG-1 (1961)
VG-EC except needs some work (reglue top brace, repair pickguard crack, patch bridge plate, dress frets, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), double bound 14-1/4" body, sunburst finish on spruce top, ..more...
sku: 20U-15432 $1,000.00

GUILD CO-2 (2008)
EC- except needs work (reset neck, polish frets, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), 000-size, F-30 style, gloss natural finish, spruce top, mahogany sides and back, 15-1/8" lower bout, 14 fret mahogany ..more...
sku: 20U-13278 $1,150.00

GUILD D40C SB (1978)
VGC+ except needs work (humidify, glue open back seam and top crack, reglue lifting bridge wings, make new bridge saddle, dress frets, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), gloss sunburst finish, D-size ..more...
sku: 20U-14148 $900.00

HONDO H-18 (1980's)
VGC, gloss finish, double bound D body, spruce top, mahogany back, sides and neck, bound ebony fretboard, dot markers, 20 frets, ebony bridge, black pickguard, headstock features logo, enclosed ..more...
sku: 20U-14725 $60.00

IBANEZ JX70TRS 1202 (c.2002)
EC- except needs work (dress frets, glue finish crack on back near neck heel so it won't flake, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), gloss redburst finish on single cutaway body, arched top and back with ..more...
sku: 20U-15412 $150.00

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