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Pedals & Effects Department

Pedals and Effects

Latest Pedals & Effects

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Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

BOSS CE-3 CHORUS PEDAL VGC+, good sounding stereo chorus, controls for rate, ..more...
135U-7377 $55.00

New Musical Instruments: Effects

TC HELICON "DITTO" MIC LOOPER The Ditto Mic Looper is the perfect looping pedal for ..more...
DITTOML .. list $224.99 ours $149.99

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

RIVERA BLUES SHAMAN EC, nice sounding overdrive with a (switchable) boost, ..more...
135U-7348 $175.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

MORLEY LITTLE ALLIGATOR VOLUME PEDAL EC, Steve Vai model, basic volume pedal, black metal ..more...
135U-7363 $55.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

WHIRLWIND RED BOX COMPRESSOR (recent) EC-, vintage style compressor with output and sensitivity ..more...
135U-7378 $60.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

ELECTRO HARMONIX GERMANIUM 4 BIG MUFF PI PEDAL EC-, independent overdrive and distortion, each using two ..more...
135U-7379 $65.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

IBANEZ TS9 TUBE SCREAMER PEDAL EC-, reissue of the classic overdrive, controls for drive, ..more...
135U-7382 $60.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

VISUAL SOUND JEKYLL & HYDE ULTIMATE OVERDRIVE PEDAL EC-, two-in-one overdrive / distortion pedal, dual ..more...
135U-7383 $75.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

DANELECTRO COOL CAT VIBE PEDAL EC, swampy vibrato with controls for mix, speed and ..more...
135U-7372 $40.00

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Coming Soon: Pedals and Effects rss
MXR CSP026 PEDAL (New Musical Instruments) - '74 VINTAGE PHASE 90 - Hand-wired circuit board built with original-spec 1974 ...more (available as a special order -- normally ships within 15-45 days) $119.99

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