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Pedals & Effects Department

Pedals and Effects

Latest Pedals & Effects

Recent Arrivals: Pedals and Effects rss
Newest arrivals listed first.

New Musical Instruments: Effects

ECHOPLEX 101 PREAMP The EP-3's legendary tone conditioning mojo in a Phase 90 ..more...
EP101 $119.95

Gear & Accessories: Electronic Accessories

VINTAGE JACK CABLE ADAPTOR 6" cable with a 3.5 mm TRS plug on one end and a standard ..more...
VJCA1 $6.95

New Musical Instruments: Effects

MXR M196 A/B BOX Routes single instrument input signal to two separate ..more...
MXR196 $59.95

New Musical Instruments: Effects

MXR M264 FET DRIVER PEDAL Organic, amp-like overdrive and distortion. Two-band EQ ..more...
MXR264 $149.95

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

BOSS NS-2 NOISE SUPPRESSOR PEDAL EC, two modes of operation (mute and noise reduction), ..more...
135U-7247 $60.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

LINE 6 POD XT EC, successor to the Pod 2.0, 32 amp models, 22 cabinet ..more...
135U-7249 $200.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

DIGITECH XBC BASS MULTI VOICE CHORUS PEDAL EC-, X-Series, level, speed, depth and voice controls, many ..more...
135U-7250 $50.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

BOSS BD-2 BLUES DRIVER PEDAL EC, overdrive with level, tone and gain controls, gives any ..more...
135U-7257 $70.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Effects

DUNLOP CRY BABY GCB-95 WAH PEDAL EC, industry standard wah pedal, newer version with battery ..more...
135U-7259 $50.00

More Recent Arrivals: Pedals and Effects...

Coming Soon: Pedals and Effects rss
MXR CSP026 PEDAL (New Musical Instruments) - '74 VINTAGE PHASE 90 - Hand-wired circuit board built with original-spec 1974 ...more (available as a special order -- normally ships within 15-45 days) $119.99
DUNLOP SW95 SLASH SIGNATURE WAH (New Musical Instruments) - Deploys a searing high gain distortion coupled with the Fasel-loaded Classic ...more (available as a special order -- normally ships within 15-45 days) $150.00
WAY HUGE WHE403 PEDAL (New Musical Instruments) - HAVALINA GERMANIUM FUZZ - Based on '60s UK germanium Fuzz circuit. Simple ...more (on order, expected arrival date 05/30/14) $119.95

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