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Amplifier Department


Recent Arrivals: Amplifiers rss
Newest arrivals listed first.

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

RAEZER'S EDGE STEALTH 12 EC, 1X12 (Eminence) guitar cab, 8 Ohms, holds 200 watts, ..more...
130U-10423 $385.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

PRIME CG40 RC VGC+, 1X12 - 40 watt combo, channel switching, 3 band EQ, ..more...
130U-10421 $78.00

Gear & Accessories: Electronic Accessories

VINTAGE JACK CABLE ADAPTOR 6" cable with a 3.5 mm TRS plug on one end and a standard ..more...
VJCA1 $6.95

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

LINE 6 / BOGNER HEAD AND CABINET RIG EC, 50 watt head with 4 classic tube amp voicings including ..more...
130U-10420 $1,450.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

MARSHALL MARK II SUPER LEAD 100 HEAD (1974) VGC, this one has been down the rough road but still sounds ..more...
130U-10414 $985.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

PEAVEY DELTA BLUES EC, 1X15 - 30 watt tube combo, channel switching, reverb, ..more...
130U-10415 $400.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

ACOUSTIC FL410T (recent) EC, 4X10 (Eminence) w/HiFq tweet bass cab, 8 Ohms, 600 ..more...
130U-10417 $450.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

ASHDOWN MAG-115 (recent) EC, 1X15 (Ashdown Blueliner) bass cab, 8 Ohms, 250 watts, ..more...
130U-10419 $165.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

AMPEG SVT PRO IV HEAD EC-, this package includes a carpet covered four space rack ..more...
130U-10413 $895.00

More Recent Arrivals: Amplifiers...

Coming Soon: Amplifiers rss
FENDER® RUMBLE 40 BASS COMBO AMPLIFIER (Fender® Products) - 40 watt solid state bass amp; bright, contour and vintage 3-button voicing ...more (on order, expected arrival date 04/25/14) $179.99
PRS SE SERIES SE-20 1X12 COMBO AMPLIFIER (New Musical Instruments) - Robustly constructed using top quality components, 20 watts, closed back ...more (available for pre-order) $975.00
PRS SE SERIES SE-30 AMPLIFIER HEAD (New Musical Instruments) - Robustly constructed using top quality components, 30 watts, 2 channels, ...more (available for pre-order) $927.00
PRS SE SERIES SE-50 AMPLIFIER HEAD (New Musical Instruments) - Robustly constructed using top quality components, 50 watts, 2 channels, ...more (available for pre-order) $998.00
VHT SPECIAL 6 112 SPEAKER CABINET (New Musical Instruments) - OPEN-BACK - 30 watt, 16 ohm, 12" Celestion G12H30 speaker, 2 speaker jacks, ...more (available as a special order -- normally ships within 7-120 days) $299.99

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