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Amplifier Department


Recent Arrivals: Amplifiers rss
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Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

MARSHALL MG100HDFX HALF STACK (2008) EC, very cool PURPLE tolex 1/2 stack (Barney memorial ..more...
130U-10654 $550.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

FENDER® DELUXE (1960) VGC+, the top of this great sounding amp has been signed by ..more...
130U-10648 $2,750.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

YAMAHA THR10C CLASSIC STEREO GUITAR AMP / RECORDING INTERFACE (recent) EC-, 10 watt (5W+5W) "classic" version with 5 amp modeling ..more...
130U-10652 $175.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

FENDER® HOT ROD DELUXE EC, 1X12 (Eminence / Fender®) - 40 watt all tube combo, ..more...
130U-10650 $400.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

LINE 6 SPIDER III 30 EC, 1X12 (Celestion) - 30 watt combo, 4 amp models, 6 ..more...
130U-10649 $150.00

Fender® Products: Amplification Equipment

FENDER® FSR '65 DELUXE REVERB® LACQUERED TWEED AMPLIFIER The Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Lacquered Tweed Limited ..more...
F65DRLT $1149.99

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

PEAVEY BACKSTAGE CHORUS 208 EC, 2X8 - 20 watt per side stereo chorus combo, channel ..more...
130U-10647 $125.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

VOX NT15H NIGHT TRAIN HEAD EC, very cool 15 watt all tube guitar head, 2XEL84 power ..more...
130U-10646 $300.00

Vintage & Used Instruments: Amplifiers

MESA WALKABOUT 300 HEAD EC, a true hotdog of a bass head, 300 watts of ..more...
130U-10643 $850.00

More Recent Arrivals: Amplifiers...

Coming Soon: Amplifiers rss
FENDER® FSR HOT ROD DELUXE III WESTERN NOIR LIMITED EDITION AMPLIFIER (Fender® Products) - Limited to 106 pieces for North America. Special features include black ...more (on order, expected arrival date 04/03/15) $799.99
VHT SPECIAL 6 112 SPEAKER CABINET (New Musical Instruments) - OPEN-BACK - 30 watt, 16 ohm, 12" Celestion G12H30 speaker, 2 speaker jacks, ...more (available as a special order -- normally ships within 7-120 days) $299.99

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